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hey! [20 May 2010|08:49am]
Check out this music video, it's cool.
Let me know if you want the MP3
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vk.com - free music [16 Oct 2009|01:42pm]

Get totally FREE access to the most complete MP3 library ever (millions of files, every single song on Earth! - see screenshots and examples below. All you have to do is register)!

You can create your personal playlist, either listen to your favourite tracks online or download them: there is even a program Internet Download Manager that downloads everything for you automatically!

The registration process takes exactly one minute: users from all countries are welcome!

Videosearch should be enabled shortly (Video Clips, Movies, TV Shows, XXX and etc.) - trust us (it's already available for Russian users), there are things that you'll NEVER find on YouTube!

Notice: Registration will be end on October24th.

Require your “VALID” First / last name and University/School name.

After registration process submit your own PHOTO! (do not submit avatar or other image else new account will be banned)

After above valid details your registration will be complited and then you will be able to download more songs.

Your account will be banned in future if above conditions didn’t met.
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Joy Division [16 May 2008|03:17am]

NOTE: Looking for something under 100mb? I take requests! Drop me a comment and I'll upload it for you right here in the daily download!

Today's is a Joy Division/Control film mashup collection

Video Mashups and Joy Division DiscographyCollapse )

Thank you guys so much!

What's the Download of the Day?Collapse )
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[14 Nov 2006|12:23pm]
Well, I fell upon this whilst killing time between class and was quite happy to find this. I always seem to be in the process of making some tape and would be more than happy to trade at any given time. I mostly get down to crust and grind but folk punk lives within my heart too. I may post my most recent tape if anyone wants to grab it.
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Up For A Trade? [06 Jun 2006|12:09pm]

Hey Hey Brother Man - - - - - Look At Me Making The First Post Of 2006.

With the date being 6-6-06, maybe something cosmic will happen and this board will come alive.

Let's doe a mix tape trade......

PLEASE RESPOND - even if you don't want to trade :)~
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[04 Jun 2005|04:07am]

Hey, new to the community. Thought I'd introduce myself. Nicole, MD.
I have a sick obsession with making mix tapes. It's disgusting.
I make them at 4 in the morning. Like right now. =/
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[14 Mar 2005|01:19pm]


Monthly mixes with a common theme, chosen by viewers like you. Send and receive music from around the US and beyond.

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[13 Feb 2005|11:06am]

[ mood | cold ]

Names Megan. I'm interested in trading mix tapes/cds.
I have mixtapes with songs from Bright Eyes, Finch, Death Cab for Cutie, etc. I love hearing new underground bands and I'm open to new musical taste.

Wanna trade?! Email me (megan_is_emo12@hotmail.com) or leave a comment. Kthnfx.♥@($&♥

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New like woah [12 Feb 2005|01:58pm]

Hello fair blokes, I'm Theresa from Cleveland and I'm a mixtape cunt whore.

I figured the best way to introduce myself is via bullets.

+I can't remember how to LJ cut. I apologize.

+I only use high bias tapes, to ensure good sound quality. I don't care what kind of tape you use if you wish to trade with me, but if I trade with you I want to give you the best!

+Everyone says it, but I will too. I have an ecclectic taste in music. I'm always learning about music, new and old. I'm also partial to analog recordings.

+ Here is the track list of a mix I made for a friend. See if you like it, or are at least curious, and I'd be more than happy to mail you a custom made mix as well! Oh..I didn't write down song titles on her track list (which is what I'm copying) so I only wrote them in where I remembered what was up.

1)My bloody valentine
2)Moving Units
3)Lou Reed - Makeup
4)Franz Ferdinand - Take me out(guilty pleasure. I don't wanna hear it.)
5)Mission of Burma -Trem two
6)Built to Spill
7)John Frusciante
8)REM- How the west was won and where it got us
9)Morphine- In spite of me
10) Mercury Rev
11) Frank Zappa- Peaches in regalia
12) Hot hot heat (in case you can't tell, I have an undying affinity for dance punk :))
Side B
1)Tom Waits- God's away on business
2)Captain Beefheart
3)Dogbowl- Hot day in Waco
4)Houseguest - Captain's things
5)The Residents- Constantinople
6)The Ramones
7)Robotnicka- Banana
9)Chris Butler -Devil's glitch (first part of it)
10)Marshall Crenshaw- Someday someway
11) The Smith's- Panic
12) The Jealous Sound
13) The Pixies- All over the world

The recipient of this tape is enamoured with oldies and pop punk, so I tried to make it easy to listen to. Which I failed at at the beginning of side B, but she can deal, heh.

With all that said, please let me know if you would like to trade. I have a lot of typical and atypical music to tickle your ears with.
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[08 Feb 2005|09:29pm]

hey guys!! check out www.people.freenet.de/fleshmechanic!!! LOTSA BOOTLEGS in here!!! email me if interested...... (email adress on the site!)
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Veronica, a newbie [04 Jan 2005|05:29pm]

[ mood | confused ]

Hello, my name is Veronica, and I have a huge dilemmaCollapse )

Please help! Thanks in advance.

[x-posted a bunch of places]

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[09 Dec 2004|05:45pm]

[ mood | bored ]

does anyone know any songs about someone who naturally stays up really late? or anything really about appreciating the night. it would be fab if you could throw those song titles my way. thanks : )


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[05 Dec 2004|12:14pm]

Hi, I'd really love to swap mixtapes.

I usually listen to: Themselves
Public Enemy
The Blood Brothers
Mindless Self Indulgence
Ghost mice(and the rest of chris's bands Op:CC/TDIE)
This Bike is a Pipe Bomb
The Smiths
Bread and Roses
Explosions in the sky
The Locust
xLimp Wristx (<3)
Los Crudos

+ various other Anticon and Plan-it-x artists

I'd love to make/trade tapes. I'm open for anything.
I really like folk punk and well made(which usually means undergorund)hip hop/poetry.
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psychotic reaction tapes! [17 Oct 2004|03:33pm]


asta kask, kaaos, poison girls, crass, broken bones, disorder, external menace, alternative tv, demob, lost cherrees, mushroom attack, driller killer, destroy, doom, crucifix, riistetyt, rudimentary peni, skitsystem, suicidal supermarket trolleys, and tons more to come!
we do mail orders, check out our LJ or email us to find out more!
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CPR [15 Oct 2004|07:45pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Holy fuck, let's get this community talking again. o.O Freaks me out when they just...stop.

Yeah, anyway. I'm Annie, I love tapes more than CDs (adore them, really), and I want to trade some punk/rock/whatever tapes with people. ;D Either mixes or the whole thing. Who's up for it?

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copy of a copy of a copy [29 Aug 2004|03:31pm]


my name is Aleksandra & i would very much enjoy some friendly swapping of mix tapes. i don't want to write anything to limit you folks regarding the style of music you would include, because i am the most curious cat i've ever met, & enjoy all new information. discs are o.k., but don't grow to have the same grainy distortion, a product of either time or poor recording, that renews with each playing a well-loved cassette. i live in europe & hope this will not discourage anyone with thoughts of expensive shipping- estimating that a cassette with a plastic cover (which can easily be substituted with something more interesting) weighs 200 grammes, to send it from my country would cost between $1-4 u.s. dollars. cheap! i am a girlscout & my word is my gold, so no worries about my not sending you something wonderful in return for your tape. send an email to sashinjsh@navigator.lv if you are interested.
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[24 Aug 2004|09:54am]

dear current members, for those of you whom adore the sounds of mainstream r & b, good ole american country, redundant radio hits!, and other different forms of shitty music,

get the hell out of this community.

this community obviously revolves around diy bands, underground bands, and punk in general.

morons. // next time - read the interests

i have compiled a list of people whom should export themselves, before i do it for them.


its obvious that tolerance is not my strong point.

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[28 Jul 2004|07:33pm]

Does anyone have G.R.E.E.N on CD-R / Tape. I had their stuff but it go deleted so I'm guessing Seaballz or, you Dave, will have some.
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