JiB (slaapliedje) wrote in mixtrade,

Up For A Trade?

Hey Hey Brother Man - - - - - Look At Me Making The First Post Of 2006.

With the date being 6-6-06, maybe something cosmic will happen and this board will come alive.

Let's doe a mix tape trade......

PLEASE RESPOND - even if you don't want to trade :)~
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hi. i'll do a trade.
Great! I mentioned tape trade, but cdr is fine by me......you make the call.

Anything goes? I hope so : )

I have a ton of stuff in my collection and the avant-garde / music noise is my favorite. Would you be up for some of that? I also have a ton of ambient soundscape stuff. If done of that sounds interesting to you, I can make a mix that is more straight forward.

Tape is good.

I'm up for anything... the stuff you mentioned sounds interesting.
email me address and once i receive it, i will email you mine: www.mixswap@ev1.net

there is no rush, but i plan on having your tape in the mail this friday
i sent you my address. im not sure if it worked though.
No - never received an email from you. Copy & paste this and see if it works: mixswap@ev1.net

Your tape is just about finished and will be ready to mail out today (Friday). If you can't get the email to work, just post your address.
The Dawn Of Glamorous Concrete is ready for me to drop in the mail......all I need is an address : )

This tape is two totally different sides going in strange directions. Remember - it's okay to hate what you hear......all I ask is that you give it one full listen.