Wes Weber (foobarintel) wrote in mixtrade,
Wes Weber


I've been thinking about it. I have a tape of a tape that was stolen from a guy who told me I can copy the tape and pass it around as well. It's only 30 minutes long and to justify the use of 60+minute tapes, I might add my own content to the end (10-30minutes) then pass it out to people and have them add THEIR content and so on and so on.

ONCE THE TAPE IS FILLED - It is then the job of the new people who get the tape to pick out their favorite tracks, dump THOSE to a new tape with room at the end and add even more tracks of their own.

Eventually this tape...oh how this tape will grow...will grow in to a super ultra tape of ultra awesome music.

Anyone "down with the sickness" and by "sickness" I mean "this idea"?

--The Mess
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