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New like woah

Hello fair blokes, I'm Theresa from Cleveland and I'm a mixtape cunt whore.

I figured the best way to introduce myself is via bullets.

+I can't remember how to LJ cut. I apologize.

+I only use high bias tapes, to ensure good sound quality. I don't care what kind of tape you use if you wish to trade with me, but if I trade with you I want to give you the best!

+Everyone says it, but I will too. I have an ecclectic taste in music. I'm always learning about music, new and old. I'm also partial to analog recordings.

+ Here is the track list of a mix I made for a friend. See if you like it, or are at least curious, and I'd be more than happy to mail you a custom made mix as well! Oh..I didn't write down song titles on her track list (which is what I'm copying) so I only wrote them in where I remembered what was up.

1)My bloody valentine
2)Moving Units
3)Lou Reed - Makeup
4)Franz Ferdinand - Take me out(guilty pleasure. I don't wanna hear it.)
5)Mission of Burma -Trem two
6)Built to Spill
7)John Frusciante
8)REM- How the west was won and where it got us
9)Morphine- In spite of me
10) Mercury Rev
11) Frank Zappa- Peaches in regalia
12) Hot hot heat (in case you can't tell, I have an undying affinity for dance punk :))
Side B
1)Tom Waits- God's away on business
2)Captain Beefheart
3)Dogbowl- Hot day in Waco
4)Houseguest - Captain's things
5)The Residents- Constantinople
6)The Ramones
7)Robotnicka- Banana
9)Chris Butler -Devil's glitch (first part of it)
10)Marshall Crenshaw- Someday someway
11) The Smith's- Panic
12) The Jealous Sound
13) The Pixies- All over the world

The recipient of this tape is enamoured with oldies and pop punk, so I tried to make it easy to listen to. Which I failed at at the beginning of side B, but she can deal, heh.

With all that said, please let me know if you would like to trade. I have a lot of typical and atypical music to tickle your ears with.
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